Triangle Choke Hold for Mixed Martial Arts

The triangle choke is a submission hold frequently used in mixed martial arts competition. This choke is one of the most common submissions seen from the full guard. This is due to the many opportunities to apply the technique that arise from that position. Such as when your opponent tries to pass your guard or strike you.

This choke is created by encircling the opponents head and one of his arms with your legs. The legs are then squeezed together, at the same time the opponents head is pulled down. The legs when in this position will form a triangle (hence the choke being called a triangle).

When applied to the opponent, this submission hold constricts the carotid arteries, which reduces blood flow to the brain. This will cause the opponent to tap out. If he chooses not to tap, he will pass out within a few seconds.

One thing to note about this technique. It is one of the many submission holds that become increasingly harder to apply in a mma fight the longer the fight goes on. This is due to you and your opponent becoming increasingly more sweaty as the fight progresses.

Now lets look at a few videos that give us the how-to for this choke hold…

Triangle Choke with Greg Jackson

How To Perform Bas Rutten’s Triangle Choke

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