Tap Out or Pass Out – Choke Holds Leave Only Two Choices.

You have one of the many choke holds locked in tight. Your opponent then makes the choice to tap out or pass out.

Most choose the first option. Those who don’t will go unconscious in a matter of seconds.

These mma submission holds work because they cut-off the blood flow to the brain by constricting the arteries in the neck. Or stop the flow of air into the lungs by compressing the windpipe.

Both kinds of chokes are used as submission wrestling techniques in MMA competition. But the holds which constrict the flow of blood to the brain are the most common and the most preferred.

A choke that cuts off blood flow is going to be much easier to apply. It takes about 5 times less force to constrict the blood flow to the brain than it does to cut off the air to the lungs. In addition, it brings about unconsciousness approximately 5 times faster than an air choke.

It may take more force and more time, but a choke that cuts off the air flow is still seen in MMA fights. When it is applied in a fight, the person being choked could end up submitting simply due to the pain. It may take longer to go unconscious but the pain is much more intense than with a blood choke.

You will find information on all the choke holds used in MMA on this MMA submission holds page. Read through all of them and try to think of how you can incorporate those submission wrestling techniques into your game.

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