The Arm Triangle for Mixed Martial Arts.

The arm triangle, a.k.a. the head and arm choke, will take just moments to take effect if applied properly. This is because of its ability to seal off the blood flow to the brain on both sides of the neck. With the arteries on both sides of the neck sealed off, the opponent will be forced to tap out or pass out within a matter of seconds.

Here is a fantastic video teaching you how to set up the arm triangle from within someone’s half guard…

Here are some important points to remember when executing this technique from the half guard.

  • When you secure the opponents head and arm you should have your upper bicep against his neck and your head against his upper tricep.
  • When you post your weight on him before you pass the half guard, the weight should be on the bicep that is in his neck.
  • The hand of the arm you are not choking the opponent with is placed on your head, not his.
  • The half guard needs to be passed for this choke hold to take full effect.
  • Once you are out of the half guard, you should jump to the side of his body that your head is on.

Now we will take a look at the arm triangle from the full guard…

Let’s break it down.

  1. The practitioner pulls his opponent into the full guard.
  2. From the full guard, the practitioner passes the right arm of the opponent to the side.
  3. The practitioner places his head against the opponent’s tricep and his right bicep against the opponent’s neck.
  4. The practitioner’s right arm is fully wrapped around the head and arm of his opponent.
  5. The right hand of the practitioner is placed on his own left bicep and his left hand is placed on his own head.
  6. Now all that needs to be done for the choke to take effect is to squeeze the arms together.

Here is one example of how the arm triangle choke can be applied specifically to MMA fighting. When you have someone in your full guard, it is very common for him to try to throw some elbows from that position. If you slip the elbow to the outside it automatically puts you in the perfect position to apply this choke hold. His arm is already passed to the side, all you have to do is wrap your arm around his head and arm. From there you can sink in the choke.

This is a great submission, from the top or bottom. Give it a shot the next time you hit the mat.

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