Sean Sherk videos

Sean Sherk, a.k.a “The Muscle Shark”, is a MMA fighter whose current record as of 12/01/06 is an impressive 31 wins, 2 defeats and 1 draw. His only 2 losses were at the hands of Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes.

Sherk is currently fighting as a lightweight (upper limit 155 lbs), but the majority of his professional career has been spent in the welterweight division (156 lbs – 170 lbs). While in the higher weight class he was considered a small welterweight, now in the lower weight class he is known as a very large lightweight.

The Muscle Shark has graced the cards of many organizations during his fight career. The most notable are – The UFC, Pride FC, KOTC, UCC and Pancrase. He has also had many victories over tough opponents, such as Karo Parisyan (twice), Tiki Ghosn, Gerald Strebendt, Nick Diaz and Kenny Florian. His most recent accomplishment, and arguably his greatest, was winning the vacant UFC lightweight title in a 5 round championship fight against Kenny Florian. Sherk won by unanimous decision.

Highlight of The Muscle Shark in action.

Sherk vs Ryuki Ueyama in PRIDE – Bushido 2